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Welcome to the Illinois Trauma Nurse information site.  The purpose of this site is to educate trauma nurses in the State of Illinois and provide them with information concerning trauma.  Since this is basically a new web site each tab will be addressed.

NEWS – This section is dedicated to trauma in the news and/or profiles of trauma centers or regions dedicated to Illinois Trauma..  Since this is an endeavor that needs a new and different beginning Region VIII will start with a profile of their region.  Other regions or hospitals please respond with your profiles and pictures.

TNS – The TNS section gives you the most current dates, contacts and appropriate forms to use for up-coming TNS courses.  TNS renewal is also addressed here with the most recent CE and child support forms.  TNS review courses may also be found here, but are not as frequent as before.

QI – The IDPH Trauma CQI committee meeting dates, times and places will be posted on the QI tab.  If you have a trauma QI project that is going to be published it can be posted here.  Tips for the Trauma Registry will also be posted on the QI tab.

TRAUMA COORINATORS COALITION - - This section will give you the most recent minutes and up-coming meetings to include, date, time, place and contact information.

EDUCATION – If you are sponsoring a trauma education program, such as TNCC or a certain lecture, it will be listed with all appropriate data and registration information.  Brochures can be posted.

CONFERENCES/SYMPOSIA -  Should you be sponsoring a trauma conference or symposium this will be listed with all of the important information.  Brochures can be posted.

TOOLS/FORMS – Miscellaneous forms or brochures will be posted here.

All information that is posted is the responsibility of the sponsoring agency.  All corrections and additions should be handled by using the message site.  Also use the message site to post information.  E-mails will be answered Monday thru Friday within 24 hours and if sent after 1700 on Friday will be posted on Monday.  All material is subject to acceptance.

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